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Hello and thank you for visiting the EXENZO.com website. Here at EXENZO we are Job Board Professionals. We know all about it. We have a passion for job marketing and are here to help you recruit more effectively. We're giving you the tools to manage and grow your career as a professional. Our young company (started in August 2013) is growing rapidly. Every day we're working with the EXENZO Team on making our products and services better and better. If you would like to know more about us, just get in touch and let us passionately tell our story. Hope to meet you soon.

We want to help candidates find the job they love! We believe that by giving both recruiters and candidates the right tools to find each other, we truly can change the world.

Careers at EXENZO

Want to work with EXENZO? Check out our careers page. Here at EXENZO you don't work for EXENZO but WITH EXENZO. You can run your own shop. We live by a few core-work-value points:

  • No Bullshit - At EXENZO we embrace transparency. We're not affraid to be honest with ourselves, our colleagues or customers. Work hard!

  • Work as a Team - You're working with EXENZO not for EXENZO. We believe it is important to have fun with your colleagues while actively participating and contributing to the EXENZO Team.

  • Be the change you Seek - You must be the change you wish to see in the World (Ghandhi). We're encouraging everyone to create a possitive change. We're continuously looking for improvements within our organisation, products and services.

  • Technology - The best and smartest technology is what we're going for.

  • Don't mess with the Customer - With every step we take we're looking at how this would affect our customers. Change always need to be in favour of our customers so that they are satisfied and will return.


Check out our cool office in Breda

In the center of beautiful Breda we have a small but cozy office where we work and play. Walk outside and you're in the center of the city where you can shop or drink a coffee / beer. Take a look: